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[mkgmap-dev] Improved street search in index branch

From Du Plessis, Bennie Bennie.DuPlessis at sappi.com on Thu Jan 13 08:40:54 GMT 2011

Hi Steve,

you are doing a great job!

I tested the latest index branch 1781 with Latin1 & codepage 1252,
compiled a map of Soutern Africa in 2 tiles

On mapsource I see no difference.
  Streets are searchable under address search as it was before with
-- that is, as long as you don't fill in the city fields. With the state
or country fields completed the street are found very well. 
Observation: the values available in the state field correspond to the
region-abbr value passed to MkGMap, and not to the state values in the
map data.

On my unit (Nuvi200W) the problem remains the same (as reported before
by other people):
 Address search is not available, as the unit requests the
state/province i.s.o. country, and refuse any input, or rather does not
find any state.
As I think your work currently looks at sorting the street names, I
don't really expect a change here yet. The state/province obstacle
prevents me from testing address search further on the unit. I will keep
on testing every new version.

The only other difference I've noticed is that I can not find streets in
POI search as I switched road-name-pois off to test address search.
Please never get rid of this option, until all units have proper address
search. It is a life saver -- a map where you cannot find a street is


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