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[mkgmap-dev] RFE --merge-lines only from resolution X

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Nov 1 23:28:46 GMT 2010

> Which file is this in? If so would changing this to
> if (mergeLines&&   res<   22) {
> 		LineMergeFilter merger = new LineMergeFilter();
> 		lines = merger.merge(lines);
> 	}
> work out for me? Or do I run into problems on further lines? (I do think

Yes that should be all thats needed.

I can apply that to trunk too.

>> Currently it does apply at every resolution separately, but I think
>> that is likely the problem. It is also not done to the road
>> definitions which can't be right.
> What do you mean by this? In my eyes any road type (e.g. 0x01) could be

Oh I meant internally, there is a class that keeps track of all the
roads for routing, separately from the lines that get drawn. So a road
is held within mkgmap in two places but only one is merged.

Roads at different levels are linked together via NET and well I'd
have to look at it again to be sure, but it feels like that would
cause a problem to me.

> the same, that would only apply for resolution=24 (or resolution=23 if
> you produce maps without 24 - but mkgmap is severly broken in that
> regard anyhow. You currently cannot get a map to work that has
> resolution=23 as routing and most detailed resolution without big
> problems (at least 6 month ago when I tried this)).

It would be nice to get routing working at r=23, it may not be that
broken, I remember seeing a few pieces of code that assume 24 it may
work if they were fixed.


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