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[mkgmap-dev] RFE --merge-lines only from resolution X

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Mon Nov 1 23:32:23 GMT 2010

On 02.11.2010 00:28, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
>> Which file is this in? If so would changing this to
>> if (mergeLines&&    res<    22) {
>> 		LineMergeFilter merger = new LineMergeFilter();
>> 		lines = merger.merge(lines);
>> 	}
>> work out for me? Or do I run into problems on further lines? (I do think
> Yes that should be all thats needed.
> I can apply that to trunk too.
>>> Currently it does apply at every resolution separately, but I think
>>> that is likely the problem. It is also not done to the road
>>> definitions which can't be right.
>> What do you mean by this? In my eyes any road type (e.g. 0x01) could be
> Oh I meant internally, there is a class that keeps track of all the
> roads for routing, separately from the lines that get drawn. So a road
> is held within mkgmap in two places but only one is merged.
> Roads at different levels are linked together via NET and well I'd
> have to look at it again to be sure, but it feels like that would
> cause a problem to me.
>> the same, that would only apply for resolution=24 (or resolution=23 if
>> you produce maps without 24 - but mkgmap is severly broken in that
>> regard anyhow. You currently cannot get a map to work that has
>> resolution=23 as routing and most detailed resolution without big
>> problems (at least 6 month ago when I tried this)).
> It would be nice to get routing working at r=23, it may not be that
> broken, I remember seeing a few pieces of code that assume 24 it may
> work if they were fixed.
Oh well, would be quite nice. I think that maybe long distance routing 
could be improved a lot, as all Garmin maps that are working well for 
autorouting, actually start with resolution 23.
then one could move all POI to a seperate layer, so that most only 
appear at resolution 24 cause 23 would mean that one has to kick many 
more out ...
> ..Steve
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