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[mkgmap-dev] motorway_link not always oneway

From Martin Simon grenzdebil at gmail.com on Tue Oct 26 21:23:28 BST 2010

2010/10/26 Marko Mäkelä <marko.makela at iki.fi>:
> can easily do that by extracting the ways from a country or state
> extract with Osmosis and loading the resulting file to JOSM. In JOSM,
> you can download some surroundings around each line in order to
> determine whether it should be oneway=yes or oneway=no.

I did that for all of Germany in early 2009 (i believe), when we had
this discussion on this list for the first time(?).

It took many hours and the results were:

-I got many nice invitations to mapper meetings in various parts of
Germany that i've never been to personally

-on many motorway_links (that i was aware of) people removed the
"unneccessary" oneway=no tags in the following months



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