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[mkgmap-dev] Missing ways part 1

From Adrian ar2988-os at yahoo.co.uk on Fri Oct 22 21:30:55 BST 2010

I'm sorry, I had not tested thoroughly enough, and this was a false alarm.

Apologies for taking up your time.

The quantities of data are too large for the human eye to scan. We rely on
tools and ingenuity to do the testing. In this case it took me a while to
discover that the tool was not telling me what I thought it was telling
me. I misinterpreted the evidence because
a) If a way has an undefined node, JOSM does not draw the way.
b) It was a coincidence that the railway missing from my Garmin map,
appeared to be missing from the splitter output. It was in fact missing
because it was tagged layer=-1, and it was being dropped by the test in
the style file.

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