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[mkgmap-dev] continue command in combination with add-pois-to-areas

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Sat Oct 16 15:43:27 BST 2010

  On 16.10.2010 13:36, Walter Schlögl wrote:
> Hi,
> the feature add-pois-to-areas seems to have a disadvantage,
> not working together with the continue command.
> Altough I did not fully understand the reason,
> (maybe it is related to the ordering of processing polygons and pois,
> maybe it's because of difficulty to identify closed polygons)
> I will nevertheless try to give a proposal for a future solution.
> At the moment all add-pois-to-areas have to be identified
> by processing the polygons style file, and all items having no style here
> will not get a POI mapped.
> My idea is a special style file that is processed before polygons and
> points.
> The content of this "substitute" style file shall be used to
> 1.) define polygons that shall be added as poi (in the center),
> 2.) define lines that shall be added as poi (in the center or at both ends),
> 3.) include all name changes on only one location.

I'ld fully support this. The current behaviour is simply not very 
practical. Other possibility would be a a key to specify the behaviour 
inside the polygons file (like a) only polygon b) only POI c) 

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