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[mkgmap-dev] continue command in combination with add-pois-to-areas

From Walter Schlögl walter.schloegl-resch at aon.at on Sat Oct 16 12:36:23 BST 2010


the feature add-pois-to-areas seems to have a disadvantage,
not working together with the continue command.

Altough I did not fully understand the reason,
(maybe it is related to the ordering of processing polygons and pois,
maybe it's because of difficulty to identify closed polygons)
I will nevertheless try to give a proposal for a future solution.

At the moment all add-pois-to-areas have to be identified
by processing the polygons style file, and all items having no style here
will not get a POI mapped.

My idea is a special style file that is processed before polygons and 
The content of this "substitute" style file shall be used to
1.) define polygons that shall be added as poi (in the center),
2.) define lines that shall be added as poi (in the center or at both ends),
3.) include all name changes on only one location.

My proposal could also be a solution for some other issues.

*) It's not possible to set overlay pois on ways
(e.g. to set a maxheight symbol on narrow tunnels)

*) All name changes have to be placed in both polygons and lines
style files and have to be maintained in both files synchronosly.

*) All pois that are inserted as an area have to be placed
in polygons file, even if no area should be shown in map.
(e.g. highway=services shall only be shown as POI in most maps)

So please proof this proposal if it could be a practical solution.


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