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[mkgmap-dev] Strange request with later versions of mkgmap

From Josef Latt Josef.Latt at gmx.net on Fri Oct 15 13:10:03 BST 2010

Am 15.10.2010 13:35, schrieb NopMap:
> You can't google the message as it is my translation from German. I don't
> know which words an English Garmin device would show.
> No, there was no change to the device. I used to get this message when I
> used --route for experimental reasons. But I am definite that --route is not
> on the command line for these maps.

1. What's about --net? IMHO this parameter allows 'lock to road'.
2. Change the routing options in your GPS. On my gps (Legend HCx) I can
set originally in German: Bestätigen (Confirm), Folge Straße (lock to
road) and Luftlinie (direct line or airline). It seems thatnyour gps is
set to 'Bestätigen'.

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