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[mkgmap-dev] Routing does not work since December.

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Tue Aug 10 10:33:43 BST 2010


Marko Mäkelä schreef:
> r1431 changed [...] the road_class or road_speed of the following:
> highway=unclassified:
>   road_speed=3 instead of 2
>   road_class=0 instead of 1
> I seem to remember that someone (Felix?) mentioned that Garmin bicycle 
> routing knows two values of road_speed: zero and nonzero. Before r1431,
> highway=path and highway=cycleway got different road_speed: 0 and 1, 
> respectively. Starting with r1431, both have road_speed=1. Could that be 
> the source of the breakage? 

I thought it was having unclassified roads get road_class 0. But to be
honest: I never tested. I just rely on r1430 for my bicycle maps. Then
again, when I cycled from Copenhagen to Amsterdam this summer, I used
the regular maps and they worked pretty well - in Denmark and Germany,
that is. So most likely it has something to do with the density of
bicycle roads, combined with the road class changes.

So please ignore my comments for now - if I have time, I'll try to test
a more fine grained r1430-1431 change and report my findings.


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