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[mkgmap-dev] out of memory error

From Chris Miller chris_overseas at hotmail.com on Sun Jul 11 11:33:18 BST 2010

Hi Francois,

OK, how many areas do you have in areas.list? Note that the --max-nodes value 
is only used in the first stage of the split to determine how the map should 
be subdivided, but since you're specifying an areas.list file the first stage 
of the split isn't required and hence --max-nodes won't get used (which isn't 
a problem, I'm just explaining how it works).

I'd suggest you try setting --max-areas to a value less than the number of 
areas in your areas.list. That will cause the split to run in multiple passes, 
which takes longer but also requires less memory. For example, if you have 
150 areas, setting --max-areas=50 will cause the splitter to run 3 passes, 
using about 1/3 much memory for each pass.


> Le 11/07/2010 11:59, Chris Miller a écrit :
> Hi Chris,
>> How many areas is the map being split into, and what value do you
>> pass in for --max-nodes? The higher the values of --max-nodes and
>> --max-areas, the more memory required to perform the split.
> Oups, I thought I wrote those informations. These are they :
> cache=$CARTESDIR
> description_splitter="Carte Geographique OSM"
> geonames_file="cities1000.zip"
> mapid="66660001"
> max_areas="255"
> max_nodes="1000000"
> overlap="2000"
> split_file="areas.list"
>>> The command line parameters are :
>>> java -Xmx896m -jar $FILEDIR/splitter.jar --cache=$cache
>>> --geonames-file=$geonames_file --max-nodes="$max_nodes"
>>> --description="$description_splitter" --mapid=$mapid
>>> $CARTESDIR/$geofabrik_map
>>> I do not have more memory on that laptop. Is there a way I could
>>> change some parameters to succeed. Thanks. Francois
> Thanks. Francois

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