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[mkgmap-dev] out of memory error

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Sun Jul 11 21:15:15 BST 2010

The size of france has increased considerably in the last weeks. I've 
had to increase -Xmx from 1200M to 2000M in a question of few days. I'm 
currently splitting france.osm.bz2 with -Xmx2000M and  --max-nodes=1600000

El 11/07/10 12:33, Chris Miller escribió:
> Hi Francois,
> OK, how many areas do you have in areas.list? Note that the --max-nodes value
> is only used in the first stage of the split to determine how the map should
> be subdivided, but since you're specifying an areas.list file the first stage
> of the split isn't required and hence --max-nodes won't get used (which isn't
> a problem, I'm just explaining how it works).
> I'd suggest you try setting --max-areas to a value less than the number of
> areas in your areas.list. That will cause the split to run in multiple passes,
> which takes longer but also requires less memory. For example, if you have
> 150 areas, setting --max-areas=50 will cause the splitter to run 3 passes,
> using about 1/3 much memory for each pass.
> Chris
>> Le 11/07/2010 11:59, Chris Miller a écrit :
>> Hi Chris,
>>> How many areas is the map being split into, and what value do you
>>> pass in for --max-nodes? The higher the values of --max-nodes and
>>> --max-areas, the more memory required to perform the split.
>> Oups, I thought I wrote those informations. These are they :
>> cache=$CARTESDIR
>> description_splitter="Carte Geographique OSM"
>> geonames_file="cities1000.zip"
>> mapid="66660001"
>> max_areas="255"
>> max_nodes="1000000"
>> overlap="2000"
>> split_file="areas.list"
>>>> The command line parameters are :
>>>> java -Xmx896m -jar $FILEDIR/splitter.jar --cache=$cache
>>>> --geonames-file=$geonames_file --max-nodes="$max_nodes"
>>>> --description="$description_splitter" --mapid=$mapid
>>>> $CARTESDIR/$geofabrik_map
>>>> I do not have more memory on that laptop. Is there a way I could
>>>> change some parameters to succeed. Thanks. Francois

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