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[mkgmap-dev] error with overlays stylefile

From charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net on Tue Jun 22 08:38:26 BST 2010

Martin Simon (grenzdebil at gmail.com) wrote:

> 2010/6/21 aighes <h.scholland at googlemail.com>:
>> Thanks a lot! This was the thing I had forgotten.
> Hi!
> Could someone point me to some explanation of this "overlays" feature?
> I'm curious about this for quite some time now, but never found
> anything useful about it. What is it capable of?

Have a read of http://www.cferrero.net/maps/guide_to_TYPs.html for  
some illustrations of using an overlays file.  In brief, it lets you  
superimpose one way on top of another, within the same layer.

Note that it is undocumented, but overlays are not restricted to one  
additional overlay: I currently use up to two overlays at the same  
time (e.g. one-way bridges).

> I'm currently processing more than 5 different layers (main, maxspeed,
> landuse, things conflicting with the main layer like navigable areas
> or fences tagged to areas and oneway arrows...) with mkgmap when I
> rebuild my map - only to put them together into one gmapsupp.img in
> the end. I think doing things quicker if I needed only 2 or 3 runs.
> (one for all layers sharing a .TYP file?)
> Is it possible to switch overlays on and off in the device, like it's
> possible with my current map layers?
No, this is not possible.  The overlay and the underlying line are in  
the same layer, so if you turn the layer off, you lose both.


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