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[mkgmap-dev] error with overlays stylefile

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Tue Jun 22 08:39:32 BST 2010

On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 09:09:02AM +0200, Martin Simon wrote:
>2010/6/21 aighes <h.scholland at googlemail.com>:
>> Thanks a lot! This was the thing I had forgotten.
>Could someone point me to some explanaition of this "overlays" feature?
>I'm curious about this for quite some time now, but never found
>anything useful about it. What is it capable of?

Me too. My possibly wrong understanding is that it is a limited form of 
the "continue" feature that was implemented later. I believe that it 
allows you to generate multiple Garmin objects from a single OSM object, 
but within a single map layer. That would mean that the overlay cannot 
be switched on and off in the device. Again, I may be completely wrong 
about this.

>I'm currently processing more than 5 different layers (main, maxspeed,
>landuse, things conflicting with the main layer like navigable areas
>or fences tagged to areas and oneway arrows...) with mkgmap when I
>rebuild my map - only to put them together into one gmapsupp.img in
>the end. I think doing things quicker if I needed only 2 or 3 runs.
>(one for all layers sharing a .TYP file?)

It would be great if mkgmap could parse the OSM input only once and
generate multiple layers from it. For example, the multipolygon 
splitting would have to be done only once. I haven't looked how hard 
that would be to implement, but that should speed up multi-layer 
creation (parsing would occur only once) and help in distributing the 
load on SMP systems. I don't think that the TYP files are relevant at 
.img creation time. They are only relevant when combining the 


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