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[mkgmap-dev] New, faster splitter

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sat Jun 5 14:57:47 BST 2010

> On 05.06.2010 15:32, Chris Miller wrote:
>> WanMil sent through a very nice patch for the splitter that writes out the
>> results using multiple threads, giving a pretty big speedup during the 2nd
>> half of the split if you have a multicore PC. For me, the time it takes to
>> split the UK is less than half what it used to be.
>> I've checked his patch in (r109) so feel free to give it a go. Note that
>> by default the code will automatically use all available CPU cores but there's
>> a new parameter --max-threads that you can use to control the number of cores
>> that are used should you want to reduce them for whatever reason.
>> Chris
> What about max memory needs. Is there a big increase, or doesn't it
> matter, because the first phase of the split is the important part?
> Is this also working without --cache, or only when using --cache??

It is working with all other options of tile splitter.
There should be a very slight memory increase if --max-threads > 1 in 
the second phase but I don't think that it's relevant (correct me if you 
get problems).

By the way: I am not sure but I think the second phase needs more memory 
than the first phase. (that's what the output tells me).


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