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[mkgmap-dev] New, faster splitter

From Chris Miller chris_overseas at hotmail.com on Sat Jun 5 15:06:19 BST 2010

Hello Felix,

> What about max memory needs. Is there a big increase, or doesn't it
> matter, because the first phase of the split is the important part? Is
> this also working without --cache, or only when using --cache??

It is the second stage that requires the most memory, however with this patch 
the memory requirements shouldn't be too much worse. Each resultant area 
now has it's own queue of nodes/ways/rels that need to be written, but those 
queues are throttled to a max of 1000 elements each so even in the worst 
case the additional overhead is probably a few tens of MB. As before, you 
can always reduce the memory requirements of the 2nd stage by reducing --max-nodes 
and/or --max-areas.

The --cache parameter has no effect, it works just as well with or without 


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