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[mkgmap-dev] Buildings color

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Sat May 1 03:12:46 BST 2010

OK, I now tried to build a slovakia map on a computer, where I never 
used mkgmap before.
I first needed to download a new Java:

(There you would need your locale)

Please download now these file, unzip it and examine it with a text 
editor (just to make sure that I did not upload files that could harm 
your computer):
wget http://www.deltadelta.de/garmin/dani.zip

run now ./prepare

(That fetches splitter and mkgmap)

run ./wgetslov

(That fetches slovakia from geofabrik)

run ./mach_slov

(That makes the gmapsupp.img)

afterwards there should be a gmapsupp.img inside the slovakia folder.

Ok, and now I have also no clue.
The file I get is a osm map but without my typfile information

So what is wrong?

Dani, disappointed

P.S: I was so sure that this procedure would lead to success ...

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