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[mkgmap-dev] Buildings color

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Sat May 1 01:55:29 BST 2010

Prescott wrote:
> thanks for answers but it d ont works for me :-(
Can you describe what exactly does not work?
Do you receive a gmapsupp.img? What Garmin do you own?

Did you build the typfile completely new or did you change an existing one?

The simplest way is IMHO to take a command, a style-file and a typfile 
from somebody else and first to try to get the same output.
Afterwards it makes sense to change, because you then know where the 
problems may be.

If you like, I can put my files (that are based on Carlos' files) 
together and send it to you, or put in on a webspace for downloading. 
Then you can try first to reproduce and then to change.
(I would also build a slovakia gmapsupp.img for you, since nothing else 
would make sense)

Cheers, Dani

P.S: For me, this workflow helped. I formerly used a typfile that didn't 
fit with the style-files and the command and the result was really 
disappointing. But after a lot help from Carlos I can now build my own 
maps and I changed really a lot things in the meantime. But without the 
initial help from Carlos I would never have achieved this success.

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