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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1625: Translate amenity=zoo at resolution 20 like tourism=zoo,

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Mon Apr 5 01:19:45 BST 2010

Hi Johann!
> There is something really wrong with your search function. If I search 
> all *.java files of the project (with the gnome commander at linux, btw. 
> :-)), it finds 55 files including this string.
> But it should not be a matter of the used OS, if it finds text inside 
> files. Are you sure, you haven't set a wrong file filter?
Pretty sure, I tried it on two different computers, with everything on: Search hidden files, search system directories, do not consider upper/lower case, and so on.

After now knowing that "area" is in StyledConverter.java I renamed it to StyledConverter.txt and now it is found. But I find no rule in the windows search that excludes java-files from being searched, I chose "all files and folders".
When I cut off the extension, it is not found.
When I search for files with name *.java that contain area also nothing is found.
When I rename the file to .doc it is not found, called .rtf it is found.
.c: yes, the same with .h.

Now I am pretty sure that Windows XP has a list of text file types that a "worth" being searched. Others are excluded.
So the Windows search "inside files" is pretty useless. But I am not astonished about that.


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