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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1625: Translate amenity=zoo at resolution 20 like tourism=zoo,

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Sat Apr 3 10:12:57 BST 2010

> Johann Gail wrote:
>> Its IMHO not a good solution, but very flexible to introduce new options.
> I asked since it seems a bit magic to me where the options are 
> processed. If I for example search over the src directory with Windows 
> search for all files that contain "areas" in, I find just two html-files.
> When I am back from holidays I will search with Linux.
> Sometimes Windows cannot find correctly ...
There is something really wrong with your search function. If I search 
all *.java files of the project (with the gnome commander at linux, btw. 
:-)), it finds 55 files including this string.
But it should not be a matter of the used OS, if it finds text inside 
files. Are you sure, you haven't set a wrong file filter?

An example for the option parsing is contained in MapBuilder.java. There 
are several flags and values set. See below.

        countryName = props.getProperty("country-name", countryName);
        countryAbbr = props.getProperty("country-abbr", countryAbbr);
        regionName = props.getProperty("region-name", null);
        regionAbbr = props.getProperty("region-abbr", null);
        reducePointError = props.getProperty("reduce-point-density", 2.6);
        mergeLines = props.containsKey("merge-lines");

        makePOIIndex = props.getProperty("make-poi-index", false);

        if(props.getProperty("no-poi-address", null) != null)
            poiAddresses = false;

        String autoFillPar = props.getProperty("location-autofill", null);

Have a nice holiday,
Johann Gail

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