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[mkgmap-dev] [mkgmap-svn] Commit: r1524: Let the background polygon (type 0x4b) cover the whole map area.

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Wed Feb 10 18:44:57 GMT 2010

Hi Ralf,

> On 28.01.2010 21:24, Mark Burton wrote:
> > If it proves to be problematic, let's just revert that commit because
> > it's not a vital tweak.
> I suggest to do that.
> This patch breaks the display of the background polygon on my eTrex
> Legend HCx.
> With r1523 everything is fine. I define 0x4b as white in the typ file
> and it is shown white.
> With r1524 the background appears the standard yellow. All settings and
> styles unchanged.
> In mapsource the background is white with r1524 and later, too.

OK, I will do that for you.

It's interesting that Garmin maps use the big background poly but then
they don't mind having "Garmin yellow" as the background colour. 

Also, my etrex vista hcx has always ignored the colour of the 0x4b poly
so you're lucky it works at all!



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