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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH] Option to extend sea sectors at extract borders

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sun Jan 17 23:13:10 GMT 2010

Hi Ronny,

> this patch (against 1485) adds a new option for generate-sea: 
> "extend-sea-sectors"
> If this option is set, coastlines not reaching the borders of a map will 
> be extended with a point at the nearest border.
> This prevents strange things happening at the borders of geofabrik extracts.
> See attached pictures of turkey created with options "polygon" 
> (just_polygon.png), "polygon,no-sea-sectors" (noseasectors.png) and 
> "polygon,extend-sea-sectors" (with_patch.png).
> Would be nice if someone could test and merge it.

That looks a useful addition but as you haven't put any comments in
getNextEdgeHit() it's not immediately obvious what it's doing.

You do have one comment: // create additional points at next border

Perhaps I'm just stupid, but it doesn't really explain what happens

The original generate sea code was not well commented but that doesn't
mean that additions to it have to similar.


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