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[mkgmap-dev] Suggestions

From Peter & Suzie pslowater at gmail.com on Tue Dec 8 21:17:36 GMT 2009

1. The first suggestion I have is to output the warning messages in
html format so that when the url for a problem is logged, the file can
be opened in a browser and just click on the link to problem.
I played with this and it seems to work, maybe an extra option could
be added to output this format so the default is how it is now?

2. This may be able to be done already but I could not see how,
currently I use my own style files to create the output I desire but
every time a new feature is added the the default ones I need to get
that and add to all my style sets or reapply my changes to the default
It would be good to have the ability to create a set of overide style
files that only contain things that are to be changed from the default
style you are using and some type of marker so some default ones can
be deleted.

Are they worth me looking at?

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