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[mkgmap-dev] Suggestions

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Tue Dec 8 21:25:17 GMT 2009

Hello Peter & Suzie

> 1. The first suggestion I have is to output the warning messages in
> html format so that when the url for a problem is logged, the file can
> be opened in a browser and just click on the link to problem.
> I played with this and it seems to work, maybe an extra option could
> be added to output this format so the default is how it is now?

I don't know what system you are using but on Linux, all I have to to
is display the log file in a terminal window (using less) and I can
copy URLs straight from the text by putting the cursor over the URL
and using the right mouse button to pop up a context menu. No need for
a browser.
> 2. This may be able to be done already but I could not see how,
> currently I use my own style files to create the output I desire but
> every time a new feature is added the the default ones I need to get
> that and add to all my style sets or reapply my changes to the default
> ones.
> It would be good to have the ability to create a set of overide style
> files that only contain things that are to be changed from the default
> style you are using and some type of marker so some default ones can
> be deleted.
> Are they worth me looking at?

Perhaps, but given that a lot of people use radically different style
files from the default, it may not be taken up by the hard-core
stylers? Don't know, just guessing.



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