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[mkgmap-dev] Style-file repository?

From Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com on Fri Nov 27 00:17:54 GMT 2009

Marko Mäkelä <marko.makela at iki.fi> writes:

> I think that the default style should still be maintained.  There is some
> value in having sensible defaults.  I do see value in other styles and
> hacks, such as distinguishing different types of paths by drawing multiple
> lines per way or repurposing taxi/delivery/emergency flags for custom
> bicycle routing, but I would keep the default style bare-bones.

Agreed.  The default is close to that - what a 'normal' user would want.

> I must say that I have not played with other styles than the default.
> Is it possible to include the definitions of another style by reference
> and override them?  That would allow improvements in the default style
> to be automatically applied to other styles.  In that way, custom styles
> would be easier to maintain and understand, as they would not copy large
> amounts of definitions from other styles.

At least mostly, maybe totally.  See resources/styles/noname.

> Agreed.  But I think that we should have the files in an editable format
> (a text file that is converted to binary TYP by a simple program) and the
> origin and the copyright information of every icon has to be clearly
> documented.

There seems to be perl code to run as cgi that does text/typ, so it
should be possible to turn this into something that can checked in and
part of the build, or of mkgmap.

Long term, it would be cool to have a design for a joint style file and
TYP file that maps OSM objects to codepoints beyond what base garmin can
do and then makes those codepoints show up sensibly with a TYP file.
This is currently beyond what I grasp.
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