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[mkgmap-dev] help with --index

From Chris-Hein Lunkhusen chris66nrw at gmx.de on Sun Nov 1 18:52:22 GMT 2009

Bennie du Plessis schrieb:

> I still cannot get --index to work on the GPS.

me neither.

In order to play with it:

I use --delete-tags-file to delete all "is_in" Tags,
use --country-name=germany --country-abbr=DE --region-name=DE
--region-abbr=DE, to set everything to region "DE".

In MapSource :

Search cities :

Only value in State/Province is "De".
In box "City" I see the city I am searching, but
when I click on "search", MS crashes with:

Index file: C:\Downloads\ai1\img\osmmap.mdx
Family id: 3
Map id: 63240001

Address Search:

I see all Cities and Streets in the boxes
but "search" gives no result.

mkgmap V1337


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