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[mkgmap-dev] help with --index

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Oct 28 16:04:47 GMT 2009

On 27/10/09 10:46, Bennie du Plessis wrote:
> Find places in Mapsource is available, but the state/province is greyed out.
> In the GPS address search is still unavailable.

That sounds like you have no regions at all.  Which country is this?
In the UK there are only a few places that actually get a region name,
so restricting by region name is not very useful here either.

> It requires a province name, which it can’t find.(nothing new, but
> expected to be solved with --index)
> I set the --region-name & --location-autofill, but it does not seem to
> have an effect.

These options need to be given when you are creating the individual
img files, I've just tried it to make sure it is still working and it
does indeed give the specified name to all cities that don't already
have a region name.

They don't have any effect when creating the index, but I suppose the
region-name one could, although it would be better to provide it on
the individual tiles so that you get at least some division of the

> City search in Mapsource shows City, City, Country indicating that the
> region info is maybe lost somewhere (if I understand this correct it
> should be City, City, Region, Country). This is actualy confusing. If I
> compile without --region-name, the Find shows up as City, City (leaving
> out the default ABC _country_name that shows up when compiled with
> --Region-name=***).Does this mean that region is actualy an alternative
> for country and not for province?

That seems a little strange. I am sure that region-name sets the
default region name and not the country name.  There is a country-name
option which you could try too.

> Could it be insufficient OSM data? I don't understand relations very

Yes this is the basic problem.
The data we need isn't and will never be in the main OSM database.
You really need to pre-process the the data to add region information
to every POI and road using a set of polygons with the region
boundries.  There is probably something suitable out there to this.
We could do this step inside mkgmap too by adding an option to read a
file containing polyons for each region.

> Do you plan to include --index in resources\help\en\options soon?

I will do, thanks.


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