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[mkgmap-dev] Do we write the region and/or country index wrongly? Still not able to search addresses outside of current maptile on etrex vista hcx

From Gert Münzel Gert.Muenzel at netcologne.de on Fri Oct 30 20:34:29 GMT 2009

Ok, here are my observations with the index and address search

Mapssource with opemmtbmap Germany 28.10.2009:
If i give the City in City field and then choose a street out of the 
"Choose street" window i got always " no element found.
If i give instead the City in German federal Land/Province field and 
then choose a street out of the "Chosse street" window i got the 
searched street.
Entering the city in both fields breaks the search again.

Ok, searching by simply using only the streetfield works.

GPS 60csx with opemmtbmap Germany 28.10.2009:
 if i try to enter a city in the city tab of the address search, i got a 
"no found"(immediately if i enter the first character.) I have to enter 
the full city name like Clinton mentioned.
But if i have entered city name, streetname, housenumber no address is 
found.Only then deleting the city helps.
The only way to search is to enter a housenumber and  a street, then i 
get a list of similar named streets in different citys(as far if there 
are), but also the attempt to reduce the search result by entering the 
city fails as i describe above.
Only if i directly choose one out of the search result it will be found.

If i transfer the osm map together with an other map which contains also 
an index, address search dont'work.
Together with a Metroguide only the metroguide index  works.
Together with an other mkgmap map address search don't work for any of 
the maps.(e.g openmtbmap De + own mkgmap created trailmap)

Address search works with multiple tiles out of a mapset (tested with 4 


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