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[mkgmap-dev] First contact with mdr

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es on Fri Oct 23 09:51:38 BST 2009

Carlos Dávila escribió:
> I've just built my first map with this new (and very expected) feature
> and playing with it. First to say is a big thank to Steve and all testers.
> I want to report some issues I find.
> 1- In the City tab I can search for my city, Cáceres, but if I try in
> the Address tab MapSource complains when typing á and doesn't find anything.
The problems doesn't seem to be related with accented characters,
because I have the same problem with a city called Badajoz and others
starting with "Bad*". They appear in Cities tab but not in Address tab.
When I type "Bad" MapSource deletes "d" and doesn't find it.
> 2- Under State/Province I can see a lot of places that aren't either
> states or provinces. I'm afraid it's wrong osm data, but I would like to
> know where (osm tag) those names come from.
> 3- In Spain most streets are tagged in the form "Street name", so you
> have to type always street, avenue or whatever before the name in all
> searches. Is that the expected behaviour? Is there any workaround?

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