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[mkgmap-dev] Mkgmap appears to hang on some split files

From Lambertus osm at na1400.info on Mon Sep 28 13:53:47 BST 2009

It happened again, this time straight from the commandline while trying 
to render the three failed tiles at once by providing r2228 the *.osm.gz 
parameter... Stack dump is attached.

r1067 finishes the same test normally (with errors). Then I tried r2228 
again a few times and it finishes normally (with errors) as well.



Lambertus wrote:
> Thanks for having a look at it Steve. Stackdumps are attached. OS = 
> Ubuntu linux 9.04 64bit. LANG variable = en_US.UTF-8. Java version = 
> 1.6.0_0, OpenJDK RE 6b14-1.4.1- at ubuntu11, OpenJDK 64bit server VM 
> 14.0-b88 mixed-mode.
> I've tried r1067 from the commandline which fails to render the tiles 
> (out of memory) but exits 'normally' with a result code (which is what I 
> want). Then I tried version 1022 and 1028 from the commandline and both 
> finished quickly as well. So I'm starting to think it might have 
> something to do with the way PHP passthru() executes these commands 
> (I've written a PHP script that recursively splits and renders tiles 
> until all areas are rendered). But a quick Google search did not bring 
> up anything.
> Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
>> Hi Lambertus
>> On 28/09/09 08:36, Lambertus wrote:
>>> While trying to get a new world map update out the door I noticed that
>>> Mkgmap sometimes hangs on an OSM data file produced with Splitter. When
>>> this happens the CPU is at 100% constantly for hours (e.g. all night)
>>> until I kill the process. The problem occurs in r1222 and also r1228.
>> I ran the command line you gave with 1222 and 1228 on both the files
>> and it completed in about a minute.  So no hang for me, and I'm going
>> to have to ask a few questions to have any idea.
>> Is there any version where it works without hanging for you?
>> What OS was it running on?
>> What is the LANG variable set to (if running on Linux)?
>> Could you send a stack dump when it is stuck, since it completes after
>> 1 minute for me, probably waiting five minutes is more than enough to
>> know that it is stuck.
>> You can get a stack trace using typing ctrl-\
>> or using kill -QUIT on linux and on windows ctrl-break is supposed to
>> work but I wouldn't know.  Another way that works the same everywhere
>> is to use jstack.  Use jps to get the process id of the running
>> processes and call jstack with that id. jstack and jps come with JDK
>> download of java from sun and probably other places too.
>> Thanks
>> ..Steve
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