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[mkgmap-dev] Splitting at country borders?

From dom Team OiD dom at team-oid.de on Sat Sep 19 13:55:09 BST 2009

Johann Gail schrieb:
>> So is it possible to configure the splitter do split the maps not after 
>> x-Number of nodes but at these coordinates?
> No, this is not what I have written. 
This was not what I said. ;-)
It was a further question.

Thanks for your answer.

> There is some missunderstanding. 
> The recent splitter is not able to split at geographical boundaries. 
> This is the task of osmosis.
> Maybe it is not too complicated to build this feature into splitter, but 
> at the moment it doesn't.
>> Or is it posilbe to do a presplit, which creates a tile for each country 
>> and then in a second step splitting the country files?
> Yes, this way should work. But for the presplitting you can't use 
> splitter. I don't use osmosis by myself, so I don't know internals of 
> it. But I know, that geofabrik splits its regions with osmosis.
>> Then it would be possilbe to download europe from geofabrik, split it 
>> into countries and then crate maps from it.
>> These maps would be interroutable. It would be also need less computing 
>> power/memory for doing this compared of
>> processing the whole europe map
> I would expect the interstate routing to work. Precondition is obviously 
> that the presplitted tiles don't miss any segments at the border and the 
> border nodes have exactly the same coordinates.
> Regards,
> Johann
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