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[mkgmap-dev] Updated splitter (r87) - tile trimming

From Chris Miller chris.miller at kbcfp.com on Tue Sep 8 10:18:33 BST 2009

As a result of some suggestions from Steve, I've checked in some changes 
to the splitter (r87) that mean tiles are now trimmed of any extraneous empty 
space around their borders. Empty tiles are now thrown away completely. Also, 
no tiles extend past about +/-85 degrees latitude to prevent some erratic 
behaviour outside this range (so if you intend on heading to the north or 
south poles then this update is not for you!).

Here's an example of the planet (date 090902) when split using the updated 


As you can see the tiles are now quite a bit more compact, especially around 
densely mapped coastlines, and unmapped ocean areas are often not tiled at 
all. The only unusual thing I can see is tile 63240007 off the west coast 
of Mexico which contains just a single node. The node is part of this way:


Looks like bad osm data that needs cleaning up/deleting?


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