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[mkgmap-dev] does lane assist work with mkgmap maps

From Gert Münzel Gert.Muenzel at netcologne.de on Tue Sep 8 17:31:59 BST 2009

Hi, Felix,
Felix wrote:
>Yes, very often. Due to some changes in code of mkmgap (I had written 
>about this earlier) the draw priority compared to non mkgmap maps, or 
>older mkgmap maps (before rev 10??) will always show in front (at least 
>on vista hcx).
>So mkgmap maps will usually always show in front.

Sorry but i can't agree. I use Topo D V2, and your osmmtbmap and selfmade routable overlays 
of my mtb-tracks.
my overlay DP(drawpriority)30  , Topo DP 26, osmmtbmap DP 25. Never the 
osmmtbmap was drawn over the Topo D V2.

Felix wrote:
>However it might be that maps in the back take preference for routing 

Again i can't agree.
My Overlay always gets the routing preference, if a routable way is close enough
(i don't know th critical distance)and there is a way to the destination).
But in the case if there is no suitable route on the overlay to the choosen destination,
the routing engine on my 60csx takes the next underlying routable map to find a route.
First i observed this as suddenly the pink routing line was drawn over a way in my Topo,
where until yet i never had been and no way was exiting in my overlay.
A quick view in the routing preview on my 60csx showed me,
that the routing happens on the osmmtbmap, although i started the routing on my overlay.
So afaik the routable maps with the highest DP gets the preference and if you where leaving the area
where you have suitable ways in this map, the next routable map with lower DP is taken to do the job.

Regarding "lane assist" or car pool lane(HOV) avoiding, afaik that stuff is hold in the .trf files of Garmin routable maps.


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