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[mkgmap-dev] --make-all-cycleways oddity

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Fri Aug 28 09:11:15 BST 2009

Hi Valentijn,

> First, a remark. Since the oneway=yes/cycleway=opposite roads have
> "(cycleway)" attached to their names, a GPS unit will randomly show
> either the regular name, or the (cycleway) name. Which isn't too bad for
> testing, I'd suggest you leave it this way until we're set and done with
> it, because now you can see *why* a certain road is accessible or
> inaccessible (i.e. it tells you where you're driving). Namely, here's
> one occasion where it came in handy:

Yes, that could be considered a "feature".
> Yesterday I drove by car to one of those "cycleway=opposite" ways and to
> my surprise, my Garmin told me to turn right to "Hembrugstraat
> (cycleway)". I'm absolutely sure that the unit was set to "car" and not
> bike. So is there a bug in the opposite-way-code? (Or is this the
> strange idea of a Garmin that you can route the wrong way for some
> meters??) I had another Garmin unit with me with a regular Garmin map,
> that showed the right route; also, the route is nothing special, just
> about this:
> http://www.yournavigation.org/?flat=52.392997&flon=4.871082&tlat=52.391864&tlon=4.87679&v=motorcar&fast=1&layer=mapnik
> Any ideas? (I'll recheck the routing later on, to see if this will also
> happen with positions further away in one-way-streets).

I think that (at least with mapsource) the routing restrictions are
considered "advisory" at times rather than absolute prohibitions. If
you start a route close to a road that has a synthesised cycleway I can
quite believe that the gps would "grab" the cycleway instead of the
road. If it routes down the cycleway from another way and a road is
also available at the same point, that's not good.



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