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[mkgmap-dev] Selectable maps on gps

From MarkS OSM at redcake.co.uk on Wed Aug 26 09:27:24 BST 2009

Clifford Nolan wrote:
> I can't seem to find the right options so that I can output more than 
> one map within a gmapsupp.img file and have those individual maps be 
> selectable with the ticks on the gps itself.
> For example, if I have file_A.osm and file_B.osm  how can make these two 
> separate maps show up separately on the gps so I can select them?
> Thanks in advance,
> Cliff
My approach is:
- Run splitter on a UK extract
- Run mkgmap with the GMAPSUPP option turned on to create a single UK 
file with (in my case) 11 sub-maps (one for each area). Make sure family 
name is defined in the options.
- Run mkgmap again using a different style (in this case a style file 
showing speed limits and nothing else) again with the GMAPSUPP option 
turned on so I get GMAPSUPP.IMG as an output. Make sure family name is 
- Run wgmaptool to combine these two GMAPSUPP.IMG files together. At the 
same time I also add in typ files and a couple of other GMAPSUPP.IMG 
files (one has contours and one is from OpenMTB). This creates a new 
GMAPSUPP.IMG file with all the individual files combined.
- Copy to an SD card and put it in the garmin
- In the garmin go to the list of the maps (which is very long in my 
case), press the menu button and it then lets you show/hide all the maps 
  with the same family name in one go (so for example I can turn OpenMTD 
on/off in one go).

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