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[mkgmap-dev] Inter-tile routing failures - not all our fault?

From Garvan & maew garvan.maew at online.com.kh on Sat Aug 15 04:13:08 BST 2009

Apollinaris Schoell wrote:
> did some experiments in Mapsource and Garmin maps don't suffer from this
> problem.found a place where the direction of the route defines which way
> is chosen. makes perfect sense because right turns are faster and easier
> than left turns.
> Mapsource will even choose the longer way across the tile boundary to avoid
> the left turns.
> Is there anything I can check for? map is not protected and should be
> possible to load in Gpsmapedit.

I recall reading in the cgpsmappers manual that routable preview maps 
are required for "proper" inter map routing in mapsource. Nether 
cgpsmapper nor mkgmap generate routable preview maps (it should be 
possible to try this manually?), but a Garmin compiled map may be 
different. As the preview map is not uploaded to the GPSr, the handling 
of inter-map routing must be different between the GPSr and mapsource.


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