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[mkgmap-dev] a routing problem

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Wed Jul 29 15:12:08 BST 2009


For me, routing to the Plutoniumweg doesn't work at all - but my
Mapsource is older than yours, I could not read your Plutoniumweg.gdb
(MapSource complains about the file being newer).

"Utrecht, we have a problem" ;)

I was thinking about trying to synchronize the vertical split line (i.e.
have both maps split at 0x39000, just to make sure that's not the problem.

Oh, btw: the reason I found this strange route is that a much longer
inter-tile route, from my home in Zaandam to my parents in Houten, made
a weird deviation half way (went off the A2 for no reason, somewhere
above point A); also, a route to my wife's family in Culemborg could not
be calculated at all.

Just to be sure, I'll check my Nüvi this evening.

Best regards,


Mark Burton schreef:
> What's really fascinating about your example is that mapsource will
> happily route from A to a point within the tile containing B passing
> right past point C. For example, route from A to the end of Plutoniumweg
> (damn it, why can't we have funky road names like that instead of
> the canonical Acacia Avenue!), but if you move the destination a little
> to the S so that it is in the lower tile, it fails to route - see
> attached gdb. It's almost as if having traversed B tile it then is
> happy to locate a destination in it but, for some reason, it's unhappy
> with a destination in C tile.
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