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[mkgmap-dev] Relations and roles

From Rudi drahtesel42 at web.de on Fri Jul 10 19:43:09 BST 2009

> I want to show road signs for restrictions. So I tried the following:


> relations:

> type=restriction { apply { set relation_restriction='${restriction}' 

> }}


> points:

> relation_restriction=only_straight_on [0x300f level 0]


> This creates a sign at the crossing. But I'd prefer to see the sign at 

> the 'from' part of the relation. So I added the following line to the 

> file

> polygons:

> relation_restriction=only_straight_on [0x21 level 0]


> In this case I get 3 signs for every restriction (from, via, to). 

> (This is a 'hack' to get a POI for a way with --add-pois-to-areas. The 

> polygon is not displayed because the way consists of 2 nodes).


> How can I restrict the POI to the 'from' member of the relation? The 

> following line doesn't work because 'role' doesn't belong to the 

> relation, it belongs to the members of the relation:


> type=restriction & role=from { apply { set 

> relation_restriction='${restriction}' }}


> Rudi



Now I found the solution by looking at the source code:

route=from solves my problem:


type=restriction { apply route=from { set
relation_restriction='${restriction}' }}


Now only the members of the relation with the specified role get the tag.






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