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[mkgmap-dev] Wrong route on roundabout

From Oskar Ohakas oskar.ohakas at proton.me on Thu May 30 05:52:10 BST 2024


I compiled my first gmapsupp.img and on test drive garmin offered an obviously wrong route on a roundabout (garmin.jpg). On OpenStreetMap i get the same wrong route with algorithm Car (Valhalla), but Bicycle (Valhalla) and other routing algorithms will give the correct route.

I followed the instructions from

mkgmap \
    --route \
    --add-pois-to-areas \
    --bounds=bounds \
    --index \
    --gmapsupp \

Have I missed an important option? Is it possible to fix the problem in compilation phase or is it something confusing for Garmin algorithm in OpenStreetMap data? If it helps, then I have uploaded the gmapsupp.img for possible inspection to the address https://0x0.st/XNpC.img/gmapsupp.img

Any helpful insights are welcome.

Oskar Ohakas
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