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[mkgmap-dev] arabic translation to latin

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Mon Apr 29 07:08:19 BST 2024

Hi Thomas,

the way https://www.osm.org/way/786582586 (in version 2) has the tags
addr:street=مدخل المدينة
name:ar=مستشفى التاهيل
name=مستشفى التاهيل

I think "MSTSHF ?LT?HYL" is the transliteration for the content of the name tag. The transliteration is done with generated tables,
the tables were generated in 2010, so maybe something changed since then. I think the ? character is the default for anything that was not
translated. If you think this transliteration could be improved please tell us what characters you would expect or post a patch. The sources for the tables are
in \mkgmap\resources\chars\latin1

I have no idea what you mean with  "automatic translation from arabic to latin".
When I feed Deepl with   مستشفى التاهيل it says this means "Rehabilitation hospital", but mkgmap cannot do this, it just replaces character by character and
maybe doesn't even recognize that the name is to be read from right to left.

If you just want to avoid to have unreadable names in your map maybe add a rule to check if the name contains arabic (or hebrew or ...) characters and - if so - ignore it?
I guess it can be done with a regular expression but I can't say how it should look like.


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Hello at All,
in some tiles from africa are only name-tags as name:ar=<anywhat>. Example : OSM -ID 786.582.586 : addr:street= <arabic chars> ; amenity=hospital; healthcare=hospital; name:ar=<arabic chars>. If I compile this tile with code-page=1252,  there shows up as name very cryptic  like Mstshf ~?Lt?Hyl.  If I use codepage=65001 ,then shows up the original arabic chars. But I am not able to read arabic. Because that I am looking for a solution to automatic translation from arabic to latin.  mkgmap includes already  a translation-table. But this table do not contain arabic. Can you give me any hints for integrating arabic to latin ? How to expand this table? It should contain also arabic.
thanks thomas

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