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[mkgmap-dev] arabic translation to latin

From Thomas Morgenstern thomasmorgenstern at web.de on Sun Apr 28 07:50:31 BST 2024

Hello at All,
in some tiles from africa are only name-tags as name:ar=<anywhat>.
Example : OSM -ID 786.582.586 : addr:street= <arabic chars> ;
amenity=hospital; healthcare=hospital; name:ar=<arabic chars>. If I
compile this tile with code-page=1252,  there shows up as name very
cryptic  like _/Mstshf ~?Lt?Hyl. /_If I use codepage=65001 ,then shows
up the original arabic chars. But I am not able to read arabic. Because
that I am looking for a solution to automatic translation from arabic to
latin. mkgmap includes already  a translation-table. But this table do
not contain arabic. Can you give me any hints for integrating arabic to
latin ? How to expand this table? It should contain also arabic.
thanks thomas
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