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[mkgmap-dev] House numbers

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Mon Sep 4 12:16:47 BST 2023

Hi Michael,

the patch would not change this and I found no way to tell Basecamp to show the 2nd-4th labels of the road where filled. Other software does that.
The problem is that the IMG data format connects the address infomation to the road. So, either mkgmap could calculate a likely name using the nearby addr:place values (it does that already) and add the name as 1st label instead of 2nd-4th or you may render the nodes with the house numbers as POI. Only for this alternative the patch helps to fill the street field of the POI with the addr:place value if mkgmap:street is empty.
I can compile an mkgmap.jar for you if you want to try that.


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Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] House numbers

Hello Gerd,

I am not sure what to do with the hack from the attachment. Can you help me here.

I would like to make the problem even clearer. I hope you can see the pictures. In the first picture you can see the address with addr:street. Everything is displayed correctly here.

The second picture shows addr:place. The window here is weird. The name of the village is missing here. It is unusual that only the house number is displayed.

I have tried the following settings with no success:

mkgmap:street!=* & addr:place=* { set mkgmap:street='${addr:place}' }
-> With this the search function will be destroyed. This seems to confuse the software.

mkgmap:place!=* & addr:place=* { set mkgmap:place='${addr:place}' }
-> This also has no function because mkgmap:place does not seem to be used.

# mkgmap:street!=* & addr:street=* { set mkgmap:street='${addr:street}' }
# mkgmap:street!=* & addr:housename=* { set mkgmap:street='${addr:housename}' }
# mkgmap:housenumber!=* & addr:housenumber=* { set mkgmap:housenumber='${addr:housenumber}' }
-> Everything is commented out here. But I get the same results as shown in the pictures. It seems as if the evaluation for addr:street and addr:place are hardcoded.

Do you maybe have a solution for this? Thank you!

Best regards

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