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[mkgmap-dev] House numbers

From Michael Forstner forstner-m at a1.net on Mon Sep 4 10:37:23 BST 2023

Hello Gerd,
  I am not sure what to do with the hack from the attachment. Can you help me here. 
  I would like to make the problem even clearer. I hope you can see the pictures. In the first picture you can see the address with addr:street. Everything is displayed correctly here.
  The second picture shows addr:place. The window here is weird. The name of the village is missing here. It is unusual that only the house number is displayed.
  I have tried the following settings with no success:
  mkgmap:street!=* & addr:place=* { set mkgmap:street='${addr:place}' } 
  -> With this the search function will be destroyed. This seems to confuse the software.
  mkgmap:place!=* & addr:place=* { set mkgmap:place='${addr:place}' }
  -> This also has no function because mkgmap:place does not seem to be used.
  # mkgmap:street!=* & addr:street=* { set mkgmap:street='${addr:street}' }
  # mkgmap:street!=* & addr:housename=* { set mkgmap:street='${addr:housename}' }
  # mkgmap:housenumber!=* & addr:housenumber=* { set mkgmap:housenumber='${addr:housenumber}' }
  -> Everything is commented out here. But I get the same results as shown in the pictures. It seems as if the evaluation for addr:street and addr:place are hardcoded.
  Do you maybe have a solution for this? Thank you!
  Best regards
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