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[mkgmap-dev] House numbers

From Forstner Michael forstner-m at a1.net on Sat Sep 2 19:41:48 BST 2023



basically, the address search in BaseCamp works. But there is only a problem
with street names if I click on a street. Often only the house number is
displayed here.


There are the following cases:

1. addr:street is defined for a building. When using this parameter, the
highway in the near must have the same name as addr:street. If I click on a
highway in BaseCamp this will be shown: addr:street addr:housenumber. This
works beautifully.


2. However, when using addr:place on a building, there is usually no nearby
highway with the same name. Then only addr:housenumber is displayed for the
highway. This is not correct.


There are the following settings:

mkgmap:street!=* & addr:street=* { set mkgmap:street='${addr:street}' }

mkgmap:housenumber!=* & addr:housenumber=* { set
mkgmap:housenumber='${addr:housenumber}' }


Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?


I ask for support! Thank you!


Best regards,



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