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[mkgmap-dev] One more issue with the Tread device.

From Joao Almeida joaoha at gmail.com on Tue Aug 22 12:35:57 BST 2023

I'm still working on translating my style and typ file to a version that 
the Garmin Tread is happy with.

But I found a new issue, this time with polygons.
Normally the (non mapped areas) are drawn by the x4B00 polygon with a 
draworder of 0.
However the Tread does not render the 4B00 polygon, in day mode there is 
no issue but in night mode those non mapped areas are completely black. 
( and there are lots of them ) for example around all the map highways 
and other areas. It's more of an annoyance than anything else.

But is there a way to change the tag that mkgmap gives to non mapped 
areas? for example the x2700 polygon instead of the x4800?


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