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[mkgmap-dev] Test if POI is part of a line

From Felix Herwegh mlmmduk at herwegh.de on Mon Oct 10 20:39:11 BST 2022


I'm new here (Hello!), so please be patient if I'm missing points ;-)

@ Felix

 >/...so I will put useless [] symbols into the map - as there is no way 
to check whether or not it //*is*//attached to a routable line./

But couldn't you check whether the line the point is attached to later 
on /*would*/ become a routable line? Basically, because the points 
inherit all tags from the lines when using --add-poi-to-lines, by 
running through the same decision tree that (later on) is used in the 
lines file already in the points file? Optimally from some clever 
include file to avoid redundancy?

@ Gerd

 > /mkgmap:line2poi=true & highway=* & mkgmap:from-node:barrier=gate [...]/

Why is "mkgmap:line2poi=true" required? Shouldn't only acting on 
/mkgmap:from-node:barrier=gate/ in conjunction with the lines tag 
suffice here?


another Felix

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