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[mkgmap-dev] Update on mapnik.txt typ file

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Mon Mar 14 13:55:34 GMT 2022


In attachment a new version of the mapnik.txt typ-file.
The one that comes with mkgmap at the moment is not editable by typviewer.

I made the follwing changes to be alligned with mkgmap-4895 default-style

- Compiled to .typ with mkgmap, opened with typviewer and exported as utf-8 to make it typviewer compliant again
- Recreated language 0x04 English if not exists anymore
- Made translations 0x00 (unknown/default) same as 0x04 English
- If 0x00 Default does not exist, created copy from 0x04 englisch
- Re-translated some items
- Added amenity=bench 0x6505
- Added water point 0x650d
- Added symbol for borderpatrol same as police
- Duplicate camp_site 0x2b03 from 0x2b05

Kind regards,
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