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[mkgmap-dev] Commit r4880: styleManual-20220126.patch by Ticker Berkin:

From svn commit svn at mkgmap.org.uk on Fri Jan 28 08:11:06 GMT 2022

Version mkgmap-r4880 was committed by gerd on Fri, 28 Jan 2022

styleManual-20220126.patch by Ticker Berkin:
1/ Keep |not-contained filter example within the page.
2/ Fix the highway-symbol documentation to agree with the code.
3/ Describe road_class more accurately; consistent with default style.
4/ Adjust various table widths to stop some long, unbreakable words
   running into the next col. Also make better use of space for text.
5/ Show the filter args separator char consistently.
6/ Quote all filter args in the examples.
7/ Improve country-ISO wording


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