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[mkgmap-dev] Overview Too Big

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Wed Feb 24 13:58:58 GMT 2021

Hi Gerd,

I'll have a look at that. The patch catches the low level error and
re-throws in at a higher level in the case of the overview map. It will need
to do the same for the main map.

I notice that when the map is too big, processing does not stop, even though
I have not got --keep-going set. Looking at the code, it seems that the keep
going check is in the Throwable catcher, rather than the MapFailedException
catcher. Is this intended or a mistake? It seems to me that you'd be
unlikely to want to continue from some random error, but might want to if
the problem was known to be related to just one map.


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Hi Mike,

I agree that the message should be improved.
In fact I am always unsure what kind of limit this is. I've just created a
working single tile map of Berlin including NOD which has a filesize of >
Your patch reports a number which probably counts bytes (I miss that info),
but I  think it is not about tile/map size. I assume it is about max. sub
file size. So, maybe show that sub file name also?


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Hi Gerd,

The error message that mkgmap outputs when the overview map is too big is
not helpful. Please find attached a patch that improves this.


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