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[mkgmap-dev] Garmin Topo Europe map

From Dave dfjkman at gmail.com on Wed Dec 30 10:32:47 GMT 2020

Hi Karl,

I see you mention that automotive routing is disabled in the TopoActive Europe Map on your GPSMAP 66st, are you able to use automotive routing with your maps created with mkgmap? The reason I ask is I received a new Etrex 32x as a present and when I went online to check for any firmware updates I saw one of the changes from version 2.5 to 2.6 (for the Etrex 32x) was that automotive routing was disabled for OSM maps (https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=14889#Instruct). For this reason I did not update the firmware, the only other change was to text translations so would not affect the operation of the GPS. I did not want to update to try if automotive routing was disabled on all maps based on OSM data and then brick the device trying to go back to an old firmware if it was.


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Hi Karl,

don't you want to share your minimal style? :)


On 2020.12.27. 20:59, 7770 wrote:

A few observations about the TopoActive europe map. (i have it on a GPSMAP 
The map is rendered slower than most custom made maps.
Updates occur 2 times per year, but even at those times many changes to OSM 
are not present. Perhaps they only update some parts yearly.
Points lack all kind of additional information which other mappers add 
(opening hours, region, phone numbers, etc.).
One nice thing is colour marked national parks and reserves.
Being an outdoor map, it lacks some information about shelters in the 
Routing is possible only for outdoor activities (cycle, walk, hike, direct),   
automotive routing (car, motorcycle) is disabled.
I have tried creating a minimal style. This lowers the data to about 75 % or 
my normal set up. But i did not change the level, which i will try :-)
Currently I am no way near the compression which TopoActive achieves.
Using input data which is about 6,7 GB in pbf format, creates a gmapsupp just 
below 4 GB for normal and around 3 GB for minimal style. These numbers feels 
similar to getting France into 1.9 GB from 3.7 GB pbf (geofabrik).
The minimal set up is not very fancy at all, it disables things not wanted. 
Buildings, shops, most of parkings, and a bit more.
Today i cannot send off any style, but in case that would be of interest let me 
know and i can share it in a few days (guessing Wednesday or Thursday).
On söndag 27 december 2020 kl. 20:08:10 CET Gerd Petermann wrote:

Hi Pierre,
my first guess would be that the level 0 is at resolution 23 instead of 24.
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Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] Garmin Topo Europe map
Hello guys,
I've just discovered the Garmin TopoActive Europe map based on OpenStreetMap
data. This map is sold at a price of 50€ or is pre-installed on some new
devices. I've just seen it on the device of one of my friends and it looks
very good. I'm surprised to see that for West Europe, it takes only 2.8GB
and is quite complete (index for search, routable, ...).
For now, I generate my own maps based on your excellent tool but the result
is much bigger (1.9GB only for France with probably more details). So, my
question is: does anybody have a similar configuration (style files and
command line) to obtain a result like the Garmin TopoActive Europe ?
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