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[mkgmap-dev] TYP-object names showing as blank, what did i do wrong?

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Wed Oct 28 18:32:11 GMT 2020

I have an issue with TYP-object names showing as blank on a GPSMAP 66st 
instead of showing the names defined in the TYP file by the String=0xNN data.

I tried loading the very same gmapsupp.img onto an old etrex vista hcx, it 
does show the defined default name (if i have english setup), or the next 
translation if i select any other language (it does not seem to be able to 
pair the languages).

If i take [_line] objects as example.
I have defined cycleway.
The GPSMAP 66st does display the colour and drawing defined in the TYP file, but 
not the text if i hover over the line. Hovering over a line section that does 
not have a name, instead of saying "Cycleway" it shows nothing "".

There are no errors when compiling the TYP file.

If i take a compiled map from opentopomap, for some line which they have 
defined their own TYP, the device is showing the String for the same types 
which my map shows blank. 
It must be some error i have made, but what could it be?


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